Sonic Xtreme

Itís time to play Sonic Xtreme Online! This classic sonic game putís our Blue Superhero in the traditional fast paced jungle scene, where he must dash from left to right in order to reach the finish line. This Sonic Online Game features a number of enemies such as cankerworms, who will stand in the way and try to stop you from reaching the end of the path, which would take you to the next level. Enemies will often be found near Golden Rings, which provide bonus points in the game. As controls, the user will have the arrow keys available to guide Sonic The Hedgehog through the game path, the space bar to jump, and holding down the ďaĒ key will render the famous spin dash (see description for further details).


Can you reach the end of each level by avoiding the cankerworms and the rest of the enemies? Use the arrows to move left and right and use the space bar to jumpA: Famous spindash. Hold the "a" key and let go fast to do the flame roll. Hold the "a" key for longer, then let go to do the spin dash.

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