Sonic and the Secret Rings Cheats (Wii)

Sonic's latest adventure sees him befriending Shahra, the female genie of a magical ring, who warns the spikey hero of Erazor Djinn (imagine a mix between Zelda's Ganondorf and Dragonball Z's Majin Buu) - an evil genie destroying the Arabian Nights tales with the intent of escaping into Sonic's world.

You play the game as Sonic and travel to seven fantasy worlds (plus one tutorial world). You'll travel to a dinosaur world, a floating ruin, a pirate level, and more. Each level has several different challenges for you to complete.

Sonic crests:

Collected the indicated number of Silver Medals to unlock the corresponding elemental crests to power-up Sonic.
Dark: 100 Silver Medals
Fire: 105 Silver Medals
Wind: 110 Silver Medals

Bonus characters:

Collect the indicated number of Fire Souls to unlock the corresponding character.
Blaze: 105 Fire Souls
Cream: 42 Fire Souls
Shadow: 32 Fire Souls
Silver: 87 Fire Souls

Hint: Level start:

At the start of a level (after purchasing the Mini-Turbo), when you see the flame on Sonic's chest start flaming usually after the announcer says "1", start shaking the Wiimote up and down very fast for maximum results.

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