Shadow the Hedgehog Cheats and Hints

Shadow the Hedgehog is a game set in Sega's awesome Sonic universe and you have the ability to use all kinds of guns to shoot aliens, robots, and even humans.

Shadow the Hedgehog starts off with an incredibly beautiful cinematic showing Shadow standing in a meadow, confused about who he is and what happened. The only thing he can remember is running from some guards in what looks like a military base, only to arrive at a dead end and witness a terrible death. This is when a mysterious crimson mist forms above the city of Westopolis and black and red colored monsters come down from the sky to start wreaking havoc in the city. A ghostly appearance emerges and orders Shadow to go find the seven Chaos Emeralds to combat the threat.

Expert mode:

Get "A" ranks in all stages in the game.

Last Story:

Successfully complete every sixth stage in story mode, defeat all Bosses at the end (all five Hero and all five Dark Bosses), and see all ten Hero and Dark story line endings.

Hint: Hyper Shadow:

In order to turn into Hyper Shadow you first need to complete all the endings for all the stories. This includes the good and evil storylines. Once you do this, you will unlock the Last Story. Choose the Last Story and you will begin a level called The Last Way after some intermission sequences. Once you complete this and reach Black Doom, there will be an intermission sequence, at the end of which Shadow takes the Chaos Emeralds and turns into Hyper Shadow.