Sonic Dots

Sonic Dots is a pac-man style arcade game with a Sonic the hedgehog theme. You start off in a virtual labyrinth as the classic Sonic the hedgehog Super hero in a Blue Blur Zone World. You will then use the arrow keys to move the character left and right, or upwards and downwards. But you must be quick and smooth because Mr. Eggman has unleashed a squadron of Drones to come after you. If you reach any of the four diamonds spread out in the game, you will empower Sonic to eat the robotic drones, but hurry because the effects that empower our super hero won’t last for long. At times, fruit figures will appear in the middle area of the puzzle and these are worth bonus points, watch out, this is a dangerous area where you could easily find yourself trapped. The object of this sonic online game is to eat all the dots in the puzzle space, completing this task will take you to the next level.

Game Controls:

Help sonic collect all the dots. Move him around the maze with the cursor (arrow) keys. Avoid the Dr. Eggman clones. They will cause you to lose a life if they catch you. Collect the chaos emeralds to power up. These will make you big and strong for a few seconds. The Eggman clones cannot hurt you while powered up.

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